A Decade of Suspicion

While knowledge of mutants was not yet public, rumors of individuals with strange abilities started surfacing from the summer of 1963. Nearly a dozen mutants were secretly murdered by the CIA and the public was suspicious of government involvement. American Citizens awaited a response from their President.

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A Decade of Suspicion

Mutant historians refer to 1963 as America’s “Summer of Hate.” Nearly a dozen suspected or confirmed X-Gene mutants were killed that year. Many were likely targeted by newly-formed radical groups such as Friends of Humanity.

One victim, a 19-year-old suspected X-Gene mutant named Arleen Adams, lived in Dallas. Her body was found near the Carousel Club, a nightclub where she’d worked as an exotic dancer. The Carousel Club was operated by Jack Ruby. Its clientele included members of Friends of Humanity and the Purifiers, a radical Christian sect.

Indeed, two members of Lehnsherr’s own Brotherhood of Mutants, an organization the FBI classified as “a pro-mutant terrorist group,” were killed that year. The mutants code-named Azazel and Tempest were slain by Project: WideAwake operatives in July.

Project: WideAwake was a covert CIA task force President Kennedy created after the Cuban Missile Crisis to investigate other X-Gene cases. While its mission was identification and research, it did have paramilitary autonomy. Records state Azazel and Tempest ambushed Project: WideAwake operatives, and died in the firefight that followed.

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